Zermatt RimX button barrels

Now through 30 Nov, 2020!!

Due to the huge success of the Zermatt RimX rimfire action, and the sale of of over 100 barrels in such a short time, we are now offering button barrels for the RimX for the pre-holiday season. Many of you have ready the barrel extensive and comprehensive barrel comparison for both the RimX and the Vudoo V-22 actions on Snipershide Forum in the past season. All 10 barrels were machined right here at Keystone Accuracy for that evaluation and have solidly performed beyond expectation. All five manufacturers selected provided outstanding results showing groups at 50 and 100 yards. One that stood out has been Green Mountain, which has provided excellent value for the $, and are readily available. All barrels ordered during this sale are fully expected to ship within 10 days from purchase. All orders are on a custom basis, so you get exactly what you want! Please feel free to call or email to order at any time. Please know what contour and length you prefer prior to calling.

Customer Guarantee: Pre-orders

All customer orders are taken with great care to ensure accuracy of information. To place a custom order, please call 610-272-2511 or email: info@keystoneaccuracy.com You can also please feel free to use the form below and someone will respond to your request.

All proceeds taken in advance for any and all pre-ordered items (barrels, actions, barreled actions, current sales, ect…) will be held in in escrow and paid directly to supplying vendors for all parts necessary to complete customer orders. This will ensure that at no point will the customer need to be concerned about misappropriation of funds where their orders are concerned. Honesty and integrity have got to be cornerstones of any successful business,

Custom orders can be cancelled at any time, however depending how far along in the work queue the order has progressed, requested returns may be subject to restock fees or partial refunds. This happens very infrequently, however these circumstances will be handled on a case by case basis. We certainly understand that “things” happen in daily life that may cause a financial burden and require orders to be cancelled for one reason or another, and we want to be there to help as best we can.