Keystone Accuracy

Why Choose Keystone Accuracy to outfit you?

Keystone Accuracy was founded in 2011 by John Scandale in order to supply the best competition, varmint, and tactical rifle uppers designed for the AR-15.  John has been building target and hunting rifles meant for extreme accuracy for a decade prior to hanging his own shingle because he could not get precisely what he wanted from any local sources.  Today, Keystone sells top quality uppers to shooters, hunters, and national champions all over the United States.

John is certainly no stranger to winning teams.  Serving in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, John has been a firing member on the National Guard Bureau's National Rifle Marksmanship "All Guard" team from 1999 to 2005.  During that time, he has been on numerous winning teams at the Interservice rifle matches at Quantico, VA, the National Rifle & Pistol matches at Camp Perry, OH and numerous state championships.  John was able to secure victory at several individual championships, and has spent time helping develop better equipment, including rifles and ammunition for the team.

Today, John is an NRA life member, an avid outdoorsman, and continues to shoot competitively, develop new cartridges for the AR-15 and assists in the training of junior marksmen for the future of the sport.