What's new at Keystone?
Check out our big sale on right handed and left handed A5 optic uppers from Father's Day until 4th of July!
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Keystone Accuracy has officially acquired a Type 7 Manufacturers
Federal Firearms License

This means that we can now take in all of the work that we have been forced to turn down in the past due to federal requirements.  Keystone Accuracy can now build bolt action rifles, completely assembled rifles and also take in legally serialized firearms per federal law.
Keystone Accuracy has resumed the acceptance of all major credit cards as of April 13th, 2016!!
As some of you may know, Keystone Accuracy once accepted credit cards and then concluded the acceptance of credit cards in 2015.  This has now changed!  We now proudly accept all major credit cards for your purchasing convenience.  All prices listed reflect a 3% cash discount, therefore, the use of credit cards will incur an additional 3% credit card processing fee.
Creedmoor Sports Catalog Spring 2015
Check it out folks!  We are newly listed in the 2015 Spring Catalog, and at the top of the page too!!.  Creedmoor is a full line seller for all of your competitive shooting needs.  Located in Aniston Alabama, they also have a NEW pro shop in the newly constructed $25 million shooting facility in Talladega, AL.  Click on the pic to check it out.
Steve Reichert reviews Keystone Accuracy
Steve Reichert, a rather well known US Marine, proudly served his country during the war in Iraq.  During this time, he was credited with the first mile long sniper shot to neutralize an insurgent on the battle field.  Steve is also an avid shooter and when he wanted the best, he called Keystone Accuracy to deliver.  Please click on the above picture to read the article.
Recoil Magazine article on the .240 Tomahawk
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It has been rumored for quite some time that Creedmoor Sports may possibly commission the production of more very high quality 6mm Hagar brass from Hornady.  It is now public information that the General Manager of Creedmoor Sports of Anniston, AL has in fact place a sizable order to be sold at a very reasonable price.  The brass will most likely be available for sale as soon as June or July, 2015.
This means that high quality barrels for both the 6mm Hagar and the .220 Thunderbolt will be available to sale once again! 

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NEW!!  Geissele Mark 7 National Match Rail
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We are very proud to report that the Keystone Accuracy team overcame the odds by building a team that never practiced prior to the match date, had no designated coach or captain, and dominating the Rumbold team match at Camp Perry this year.  Posting a score of 1964-73x of a possible 2000 point aggregate, this team managed to also place second in the overall RNDC team match to the Army Marksmanship Unit with a score of 1977.
The cartridges used from right to left are: 6mm BR, 6mm BR, .220 Thunderbolt, & 6mm Hagar.
Thank you for visiting Keystone Accuracy, home of the .240 Tomahawk, .220 Thunderbolt, and .280 Warthog (coming soon) and a one stop shop for custom built match, varmint, and tactical rifles.  This website is still under construction but changes are being made often.

Currently, AR15 upper receivers are being produced at Keystone Accuracy, but we anticipate acquiring a Federal Firearms License (FFL) with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms in the summer of 2015 and will be producing custom grade match, tactical, and hunting bolt action rifles as well.