MKII A3 - Introduction
A new MKII A3?? Come on...

Well, just when we though the AR trigger has reached the pinnacle of quality and performance with the introduction of the recently revived MKII, they've gone and made significant improvements!!  This has got to be the final improvement....or is it?
So you say, "what's the big deal, what's different about this product??"  That's a good question!

How about the addition of a crisp over travel fine tuning adjustment and a provided ambidextrous safety selector at a minimal increase in cost??  Have I gotten your attention yet?
It's a tale of the tail...
Take a look at the tail of the trigger.  It is purposely ground lower than the tail of an A2, and it is also solid, unlike the A2, which has a hollow section.  This solid section is there in order to engage a set screw over travel adjustment that is located in the provided ambidextrous safety selector, as seen below.  This added feature gives the end user the added ability to finely adjust the desired over travel that is present immediately after the "glass rod" second stage break.

So you say, "but lots of AR triggers have an over travel adjustment".  That is certainly true, however most on the market locate the over travel adjustment screw in the front of the trigger assebmbly which enables the adjustment screw to engage the aluminum floor of the AR receiver.  You may have noticed that your trigger that has this type of adjustment has a spongy feel when the over travel is met.  This is due to the steel screw digging into the much softer anodized aluminum receiver material.

With steel to steel over travel engagement, you will never experience that "spongy" pull through after the trigger breaks.  This is just another detail that the folks at The Wisconsin Trigger Co. insisted on providing to their customers.....but there's more below.
The Ambidextrous Safety Selector

Here is the safety selector that is provided with every MKII A3.  It is machined from solid bar stock and offers a smooth selection from fire to safe for both the right handed and the now CMP and NRA legal left handed service rifle.

Here is the over travel adjustment screw located in the provided ambidextrous safety selector.  All MKII trigger are now furnished with the appropriate Allen wrenches that are needed for their adjustments.

The feature that makes the provided safety selector ambidextrous is the addition of the mirror image safety detent journals.  The addition of the second journal allows the end user to install the selector on either the right or left side of the rifle receiver.

This is an industry first and indisputable proof that The Wisconsin Trigger Co. has not forgotten what most companies brush aside as a demographic misfortune.  They have included left handed shooters in their marketing plan with a robust improvement over the status quo. 

Hats off to a great American family owned company!!
MK II A3......................$245 $210
Available for small pin only (.156" dia)
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