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AR-15 Match & Varmint Rifle Uppers

Complete AR-15 Match Rifle Uppers
Illustrated here is an upper chambered in .240 Tomahawk.  It can easily be ordered in your choice of cartridge such as .240 Tomahawk, 6mm Hagar, .223 Rem, and 6x45 to name a few.  I do not chamber in cartridges based on the Grendel due to its weaker bolt lug area strength as a result of a .442" bolt face and thin chamber walls.  The added risk of danger with zero gain just doesn't make for a sensible decision.
The upper shown is built with the following parts and in the proper hands, is capable of winning any championship, anywhere!!  That's a fact that I am will to stake my reputation on!

  • Mega Arms 7075 Billet Upper (if standard forged M4 upper is requested, deduct $40)
  • Standard Bolt Carrier Assembly with Side Charge Handle Modification
  • White Oak Armament Match Rifle Float Tube (available in blue, red, green, & black)
  • White Oak Clamp On Style Gas Manifold w/ +2" Gas Tube
  • 416 Stainless Steel Barrel of Your Choice
  • Standard charge handle
  • Muzzle Diameter Turned to Customer Specification For Front Sight or Scope Application

Price: $950 - $1250

Left Hand version, add $85

~ All listed prices reflect a 3% cash discount ~

Please call for specific details

If you are only interested in just the barrel & dies at a lesser cost and not the whole upper, please call for pricing.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY THE WHOLE UPPER.  I can and will certainly accommodate you.

Tactical / Varmint Rifle Upper
Very similar to the upper pictured above, this is a varmint rifle upper with a 20" barrel that is fluted under the hand guard and threaded for the customer's suppressor.  It is chambered in 6mm Hagar and is designed to deliver stellar performance in the field.  Able to achieve 1/2 MOA accuracy to 600 yards and beyond, this type of upper can be assembled in many different cartridges and configurations.
Shown here is a pair or .240 Tomahawk complete uppers sent to a customer in Alaska.  They are outfitted with 24" barrels and are fully fluted under the float tubes.  The top upper sports an interrupted fluting while the bottom features a full length flute.
Complete Upper Assembly for the Home Builder
A complete match or varmint rifle upper assembly is available in right or left hand configuration for the shooter who is comfortable building their own rig right at home.  The package includes:

  • Mega Arms 7075 billet aluminum upper (if standard forged M4 upper is requested, deduct $40)
  • Bolt carrier assembly available in .373" or .421" bolt face diameter
  • Side charge handle modification (solid black or two tone handle as shown available)
  • Aluminum charge handle block piece

Price: Mega uppers out of stock, however we do have SunDevil MFG

billet uppers for orders for complete uppers, please check back for Mega availability.

$430 Left handed

Please call for specific details

Some of the pictures may seem a bit skewed or out of square due to camera angle.

Note from the Gunsmith:

Price range will vary a great deal depending on type of barrel requested.  I use all of the well known barrel producers and will use whatever barrel the customer is most comfortable with.  If you are unsure of what type of barrel you are after, please feel free to call to discuss.  Typically, premium single point cut rifle barrels are more expensive and may require longer wait times, however I would like to emphasize the fact that there are many excellent button rifle barrel manufacturers who produce barrels capable of extreme match winning accuracy.  I know this from some considerable experience and would be happy to share what I know so that you may make a better decision.

If you have something in mind that is not listed, please feel free to ask since the parameters of a build are only limited by the customer's imagination.  I am truly a custom builder and not just a parts assembler, so if you think it's just too bizarre or other gunsmiths couldn't be bothered with you, please talk to me first.
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