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We have not forgotten the other half!!
Specializing in the forgotten percentage of shooters that most of the manufacturers seemingly disregard due to cost effectiveness.  Being a left handed shooter myself due to left eye dominance, I have a great deal of self motivated innovation for the left handed precision rifle to accommodate target and tactical shooters alike.  I am always in the search for great left handed products and sometimes contract with manufacturers to produce exclusive left handed products for the rest of us.

As of August 2nd, 2016, left hand billet receivers are back in stock.  Thanks to all those who have been waiting patiently. 
Left Handed Billet Upper Receivers
are normally in stock in limited supply
Order yours now!!
in a true left handed configuration.  That's not a typo.   LH billet receivers utilizing a left handed bolt carrier group which is a mirror copy of a standard right handed GI issue bolt carrier group are on the way HERE!!!

See the pics below!
It's finally here!  A true left handed billet upper receiver.  This is something that I have been after for some time now.   This is a thick walled billet upper constructed of CNC machined 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum.  How thick is it??  It's a full 1/4" thick!  This type of receiver will provide super strength and rigidity to a rifle that was never before possible to the left handed shooter.

Price: $175.00
(when available)
If an upper is built, the cost of a standard GI receiver will be deducted.
Addition of Side Charge Handle
As shown with Stag Arms LH bolt carrier assembly and the addition of a side bolt carrier handle and milled slot as complete package.  Unfortunately, the Stag Arms carrier is rather expensive, which drives the price up substantially more than a right handed model.

(.223 bolt)  $445 (6.8 bolt)    6.8 bolts discontinued

note: 6.8 bolt must be used with .421" head diameter. ( .240 Tomahawk, 6mm Hagar)

A word about barrel extensions when building a left handed AR-15:

I get several phone calls regarding the excitement of the now available TRUE left handed billet upper packages.  One thing to keep in mind when building a left handed upper is that since the bolt rotates in the opposite direction as the standard AR bolt, locking lug chamfers are installed on both sides of the ambidextrous, or left handed barrel extension to aide in the bolt to go fully into battery.  These chamfers also meet the chamfers installed on the bolt lugs on a left handed bolt.
I have spoken to people who have used a standard barrel extension when building a left handed upper, however this practice make cause you to encounter problems in starting the bolt in its rotation since the bolt lugs are forced to ride against sharp 90 degree locking lug rather than a chamfered one in ambidextrous extension.
The people who I have spoken to that have used a standard extension with a left handed bolt say that they have encountered no problems, however, as a bit of insurance on a rifle that functions well, I choose to use an ambidextrous extension on every left handed rifle that comes out of my shop in order to provide a higher quality of customer satisfaction.