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NEW!!  Geissele Mark 7 National Match quad rail float tube
New for 2015 from Geissele Automatics is a CMP legal quad rail float tube.  Like any of the Geissele product lineup, this rail is extremely well thought out and manufactured to a very tight tolerance.
What's in the box?? 
Unlike other float tubes, which are just comprised of a tube and barrel nut, the Mark 7 NM tube has a full length steel insert that which holds a very securely fastened front sling swivel, a proprietary barrel nut which allows for a very close tolerance fit, all hardware with tools necessary for installation,  a very unique set of custom molded lead weights.  It is specifically designed for NRA/CMP high power competition, but is an excellent choice for a squad designated marksman (SDM) rifle, varmint, or tactical rifle.

All screw threads are captured in steel inserts in order to give long term durability which essentially eliminate the possibility of stripping threads in softer aluminum.  The finish is hardcoat anodized in order to last a lifetime.

The unique custom molded lead weights that are included with this rail are truly a thing of beauty.  They cann be removed or trimmed to achieve a specific desired weight.  They fit absolutely perfectly and provide enough gap between the weight and the barrel to ensure that there is no touching of the barrel, which will ensure extreme accuracy.  This is achieved through very tight machining tolerances and a very close tolerance fit between the barrel nut and the tube itself.
Price:  $425.00
Price without optional lead weights: $375.00