Distinguished Rifle Badges...for your cave!!
Wall Sized Distinguished Rifleman Badges
Due to overwhelming demand of these two badges that I had made from a very highly specialized metal fabricator, Keystone Accuracy is now offering these beautifully hand crafted all metal badges for your special spot on the wall of your shop, man cave, loading room...wherever.

They are 19.5" tall and made of 12 gauge steel sheet, plasma cut and laminated.  Each badge has steel wall standoffs welded to the back.  They are then painted with translucent paint and sprayed with a clear coat for a lifetime of brilliance.  They are very fine quality, suitable for hanging anywhere in the house.  They make an absolutely dynamite gift and memorialized a lifetime achievement award which has been earned through many untold hours spent on the range.

These badges are currently being offered for Civilian and US Army configuration to start.  Very shortly, they will also proudly be offered for; USMC, USAF, USN, & USCG.
Please know that these are in high demand and are hand crafted, so delivery times may vary from the time of original order.

Civilain Distinguished Rifleman Badge

plus USPS priority shipping

U.S. Army
Rifleman Badge

plus USPS priority shipping

Please be patient!  These are custom order and will be produced as dictated by demand.
USMC, USAF, USN, & USCG badges
Coming soon!

-Shipping will be charged at actual USPS Priority rates based on location.-
Payment Options
You may pay with a credit card which will be charged immediately upon order with a additional 3% credit card fee, however we recommend you pay by check, which will not be processed until the badge is ready to ship.  Please keep in mind that these are made to order items and will be produced upon order.