Ruger Precision Rifle Barrels
Ruger Precision Rifle Drop-in Barrel Options
Since Ruger currently makes this model in two bolt face sizes, .223 & .308, the choice of cartridges is virtually limitless.  Some common cartridges are .308, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6mm Creedmoor, & .223 Rem.  Other cartridges are certainly available on request.

Barrel contours:
All barrels start out with a 1" diameter shank at the receiver and can vary in diameter toward the muzzle
Heavy:  1x4" shank w/straight taper to muzzle @ .900"
Med:  1x4" shank with palma taper to muzzle @ .820"
Light: 1x4" shank with palma taper to muzzle @ .750"

416 Stainless button barrels:

Up to 26"....................................$349

Premium single point cut rifle barrels:
416 stainless Krieger or Bartlein blanks are used unless special order is requested
Up to 28"....................................$539
longer blanks are available at additional cost

A word about barrels....
(button vs. cut rifling)

Many customers often call and have the question regarding what is the significant difference between button rifling vs. a single point cut rifle barrel.  In short, it all has to do with vastly different manufacturing processes.  Both processes have been around for several decades, both yielding extreme accuracy and fine performance, which is why Keystone Accuracy confidently offers both types.

All button barrels are fundamentally manufactured in the same manner regardless of manufacturer's asking price, which is a much faster and less expensive method of rifling.  As a result, button barrels are often significantly less expensive and are said to yield about 20% less life than cut rifling, while still delivering fine performance.

Single point cut rifling is the oldest of the two methods and is more time consuming, but is often cited as holding accuracy longer and also seems show more gradual signs of expiration over a button rifled barrel.

So....which is better??  I think the answer lies with how often will the barrel is to be used and what will meet your budget.  I have done well in rifle competition with both types, but my personal opinion is that at the same cost, I'd use a cut rifle barrel every time, while at a significantly less cost for a button barrel, I'd again defer to usage to make my decision.  This is precisely why I offer virtually the same button rifle barrel for $190 less than a single point cut rifle barrel.  Either way, you'll get the finest barrel available dollar for dollar.
Gunsmith / Home Hobbyist Barrels
Gunsmith barrels also available.  Home machinist want to install your own chamber?  No problem, we offer fully contoured and threaded barrels, without a chamber installed for a significant reduction in cost to you.  Please call for single piece and quantity pricing.

Prices range from $200 - approx $420 depending on such variables as barrel brand, length, and any additional features.

Pictured to the right and below is a 416 stainless steel barrel that is carefully CNC machined to tight tolerances and an exact match to a factory Ruger barrel in order to ensure that exact fit to your rifle is guaranteed.  The barrel on the left is a factory Ruger take off barrel.

All barrels are machined from a 1.25" blank in order to accommodate all factory Ruger dimensions, however our barrels are hand selected and carefully machined & chambered using the same methods that we incorporate on all other competition barrels that are produced at Keystone Accuracy in order to achieve the tightest standards and highest accuracy possible without breaking your wallet.

Why settle for mediocre, when you can easily have the best with just a phone call?
All Ruger Precision Rifle barrels are drop in fit barrels, however the proper head space gauges and tools are needed in order to properly install.  We highly recommend using a competent gunsmith if you are not sure how to install your barrel.
Muzzle options

All barrels can either be requested in both post-ban and pre-ban configuration.  This "ban" terminology refers to the Clinton gun ban of 1994 which restricted the public purchase of threaded muzzles.  It expired in 2004, however the terms conveniently stuck.
The most common muzzle threads are 1/2-28 and 5/8-24.

Muzzle threads............add $10

More to come, please stay tuned!
- All prices include a 3% cash discount - 

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