Convert your A2 to an A4 or A5 Service Rifle!!
Conversion with minimal effort
Because of the recent push to compete with a flat top A4 or A5 service rifle, we are now offering a conversion service to change your old outdated A2 upper receiver to the updated A4 or A5 receiver at minimal cost.  The service will include the installation of a new forged milspec A4 upper receiver w/ M4 feed ramps, complete with forward assist, ejection port cover, and new charge handle, as seen in the above picture.  Your entire upper will also get a free 10 point inspection while it is disassembled and rebuilt.  You will also receive all of your old parts returned with your updated upper.
Since the A2 receiver is not even any longer in the DOD inventory, why not move into the 21st century competition standard with updated equipment?

Every A4/5 conversion will undergo a free 10 point inspection:
  • check muzzle crown for any damage or excessive wear
  • check chamber for proper head space
  • inspect bolt face
  • inspect bolt tail dimension
  • inspect carrier bore
  • inspect cam pin
  • inspect firing pin
  • check gas system for any obstruction
  • check gas tube for serviceability
  • inspect float tube for any damage

Any replacement parts (if needed), will be brought to the attention of the customer and replaced with milspec parts at customer's approval.  Any customer approved replacement parts or additional service will be at an additional charge.

Cost:  $150 plus return shipping

There may be an additional charge for cross pinned front sights if the pins are frozen or rusted in place.  We also ask that you send a relatively clean upper.

Lathe Cut 11° Target Crown
If your rifle arrives for the A4 conversion, and you would like to have it recrowned, it can be done at a minimal cost of just $25 while the upper is fully disassembled at our facility.  The recrowning is accomplished in a lathe with a single point carbide cutter.
A flat crown or step crown also be requested, however, all three crown types have no effect on performance and ensure all three maintain that the last part of the rifling that touches the bullet upon exit are sharp and uniform.

Recrown service: $25
(while upper is here for service)
- All prices include a 3% cash discount -