A5 National Match SR Scope Mount
Thank you to all of you who have made a purchase of the last 600 scope mounts that have been manufactured.  You have made a sound investment in a piece of equipment that will last a lifetime if properly cared for.
There is a chance that I may have some blemished units at a reduced cost very soon.  Please keep an eye here for any updates.
(updated 9 Oct 2017)
A5 NM Ultra Precision one-piece scope mount
You asked for it, we have provided it.  It's the first purpose built service rifle optic mount that is purpose built specifically for shooting in every position while providing the right height at 1.300" over the top of the picatinny rail as well as the proper eye relief provided by a 3" cantilever overhang.  This mount does NOT have any forward cant built into it for additional elevation.  It is strictly a zero MOA one piece scope mount.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Torque spcecs for this scope are as follows:
  • 1/4-28 cross bolts: no more than 65 in/lb
  • 6-32 cap screws:  no more than 15-18 in/lbs

This mount has been developed by Keystone Accuracy and in collaboration with other top nationally ranked service rifle competitors in order to come up with exactly the right mount in order to provide the best optical position without the use of an adjustable cheek piece.

This scope mount features a full length clamping footprint for absolute stability and permanent placement.  It uses two 1/4" cross bolts designed to be torqued at no more than 65 in/lbs, which are cut square and positively lock into the picatinny mounting slots on a 1913 milspec picatinny mounting rail, commonly found on any milspec A4 upper receiver.
- All prices include a 3% cash discount - 

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