Custom Custom Loading Dies
Good news!!!
Due to increased demand for this cartridge, Keystone Accuracy has contracted with Whidden Gunworks to make a competition two die set for the .240 Tomahawk.  Please stay tuned for inventory status, or you can always stay up to date on the Keystone Accuracy Facebook page.

(for both the .240 Tomahawk, .220 Thunderbolt coming soon)

These sets were designed and manufactured to keep a budget in mind while still using a all of the premium attributes of the most well known dies on the market.  The set contains a full length resizing die and a micrometer top competition seating die.

Please READ before ordering

A premium interchangeable neck bushing "Type S" (Redding copy) full length resizing die made in house and uses all of the high quality parts manufactured by Redding Reloading to include all of the Redding Type S bushings (bushing not included) and decap rod assemblies.  The ability to use precise neck bushings allows the reloader to carefully size the neck just enough without oversizing depending on the brand of brass to be used for this cartridge.

Please  DO NOT order a set of these dies and then call and ask me why the neck is not being sized without installing a bushing!!!

The seating die is similar to an Ultra Comp seater manufactured by Forster Products and utilizes a micrometer top seating stem in order to make fine adjustments to give the hand loader precise control on seating depth which is a "must have" feature if VLD bullets are to be used.

These dies may only be purchased as a complete set
(All prices reflect purchase with corresponding barrel or complete upper.)
"Type S"
Complete Set: $245 ($265 w/o bbl)

In Stock!
(.220 Thunderbolt Sizing die made in house)