.240 Load Data
All data contained on this page has been worked up from lower powder charges.
The individual accessing this site assumes the risk of safe hand loading practices. Failure to do so could result in severe personal injury (or death) and/or property damage.
  All hand loading will be done at your own risk and Keystone Accuracy assumes no responsibility for individual hand loading practices.

Important note:
This is the data that I have been able to collect so far.  There will be updates as my schedule will allow me to get to the range and perform additional testing.  I don't really have any specific allegiance to any one particular brand of powder, however, I have found that IMR 8208 XBP has yielded the lowest extreme spreads with a 2800 fps+ velocity. 

I will be performing chronograph test data with a 95 gr bullet very soon and it will be posted here immediately after testing.
Page is currently under construction.  Please check back for frequent updates!

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